The VirtuDriveCUBE4D is Fiagon’s newest high performance Virtual Guidance Platform for Neuro Solutions. This modular platform can be integrated seamlessly into existing OR-video towers and microscopes.

VirtuDriveCUBE4D is equipped with the latest high-performance computing hardware including full 4K video integration and our VirtuLink™ for instruments connected directly near the operative site for improved surgical guidance.

Fiagon’s VirtuLite™ provides the user with direct visual feedback on system status.

Multisensor Port
Seamless transition from instrument to instrument

Premium Hardware
High performance
computing hardware

Smart Lighting
Interactive user interface
Quick user feedback for
an improved workflow

Full 4K Integration
Display high resolution 4K
endoscopic views

With our VirtuDrive™ premium hardware and VirtuSuite™ software we enable minimal invasive procedures including MIS Fusion and Endoscopic Decompression to achieve the best outcome for patients.


With the continued global trend towards minimally invasive spine surgery comes the need for smaller surgical access. However a limited view of the spinal anatomy requires enhanced guidance.

Due to Fiagon’s electromagnetic FlexSensor Technology, the ability to track all instruments and implants at the tip ensures maximum precision. Access Needle can bend during insertion into solid bony structures, however Fiagon’s AccessTracker adapts to the needle to assure continuous accuracy of guidance information. With the smallest Patient Tracker in the market, smaller incisions and less visible scars can be achieved.


To further reduce radiation exposure, Fiagon’s unique 2D/CT-Matching feature with 3D Guidance gives the surgeon high precision and virtual real-time monitoring in all 6 degrees of freedom. A wide range of
standard C-Arms are compatible with this 3D Guidance.

Time reduction, decreased radiation, increased safety, the possibility
of outpatient procedures and more aesthetically pleasing results are the intended goals of this innovative technology.

Automatic screw length detection for MIS-TLIF procedure

Guidance for Access Needle

Tracks the pedicle screw at the tip

Endoscopic Decompression – SeeSys

A minimally invasive endoscopic decompression is a complicated transforaminal approach that has a steep learning curve. This challenge limited broad adoption of this procedure. Fiagon’s Virtu4D Technology provides clarity to this procedure and enables guidance for 5 different instruments with a small single device, the IseeTracker. Along with the small IseeTracker, a non-invasive automatic registration enables all the benefits of this minimally invasive surgical procedure as well as a quicker learning curve.

Calibrates multiple instruments for a precise guidance

Fiagon’s dynamic multi-sensor tracker for different steps for an Endoscopic Decompression

Fiagon‘s aim is to support spine procedures with software functions for a simplified and intuitive workflow.

VirtuSuite SPINE Navigation Software

Automatic 2D Registration
Fast and precise automatic registration method synchronizing fluoroscopy images and patient anatomy

Target or Path Planning
Planning function for the incision of the intended access

2D/CT Matching
3D Guidance by matching preoperative CT data with intraoperative C-Arm images

Warning function by creating a virtual barrier to protect sensitive structures

Implant Planning
Preplanning of instruments to define the screw diameter and length already prior the first cut